IAW Participates in Disputatio Academica

  The disputants with moderator and organizer of the disputatio academica © Vera Rick

f.l.t.r.: Jan Salzwedel (WZL), Marvin Goppold (IAW), Jennifer Klütsch (IfP), Prof. Kai-Uwe Schröder (SLA), Ralph Baier (IAW), Dr. Raphael Kiesel (WZL) und Carsten Schiffer (FSMB)


Discussion Round on the Topic of “Digitization of Work”


On November 15, 2022, the second disputatio academica on the topic of "Digitalization of Work" took place at RWTH. At this series of events, discussions are held based on the British Parliamentary Style. However, the disputants do not know in advance which of the given positions they will represent in the debate, as these are assigned at the beginning. With this event, the initiators, professor Simone Paganini and professor Kai-Uwe Schröder, want to contribute to a good debate culture. For this reason, representatives of various disciplines will be invited to argue in a factual and scientifically well-founded manner from different perspectives on the basis of their specialist knowledge.
Unusually, but unfortunately due to illness, there were only five participants in the debate: Jan Salzwedel from WZL, Jennifer Klütsch from IfP and Dr. Raphael Kiesel from WZL as well as Marvin Goppold and Ralph Baier representing the IAW. In two rounds, the discussion focused firstly on the question of whether the digitization of work meant the collapse of the social system or the starting point for new social models, and secondly on whether the digitization of work was a job killer or a wealth creator.
Special thanks go to professor Kai-Uwe Schröder for moderating the event and to Carsten Schiffer for organizing it.