Successful Conclusion of the WorkingAge Project

  Multiple screenshots of the WOAW user interface © ITCL Technology Centre

Insight Into the WAOW Interface


Smart Working Environments for all Ages


After 3.5 years, the EU project “WorkingAge” was successfully completed!

Over the past 3.5 years, WorkingAge has been working on improving work conditions with the help of innovative technologies. In a joint effort, the so-called WorkingAge Of Wellbeing Tool, in short WAOW tool, was developed. The WAOW tool uses various sensors to measure the individual state of the working person and provides real-time feedback. After several test cycles under controlled conditions within laboratory studies, the tool was afterwards successfully tested in the context of office, production and telework with almost 40 users over a period of two months in Spain and Greece. The focus was on the one hand on the technical testing with regard to functionality and reliability in the real working environment, but also in particular on ethical, legal and social aspects as well as the acceptance of the WAOW tool. The results were very positive in terms of functionality and reliability, but also in terms of usability, acceptance and impact on health, well-being and effectiveness.

Despite the difficulties during the Corona pandemic, we could consistently rely on the great teamwork within the international consortium! We would therefore like to thank all our project partners and hope for further joint projects in the future!

The WorkingAge project was funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement Number 826232.