DuBA Project – First Working Paper Published


Development Status, Experiences and Assessments of Technical Colleges for Engineering in Germany


In the DuBA project, German short form for Permeability Between Technical College and University Systems, the first of a total of three working papers was published. Together with the Department of Industrial-Technical Vocational Education and Training of the Institute for Education, Vocation and Media at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics is investigating system transitions between academic and vocational education and training at EQF level 6. 

The first working paper focuses on the experiences of technical colleges for engineering in designing reciprocal permeability between educational pathways at EQF level 6. It presents the results of a written survey in which 136 technical colleges for engineering in Germany provided information on their cooperation experiences with higher education institutions in designing transitions. A document analysis on the framework for action and the initial situation summarises the findings on access to educational areas, crediting of learning, organizational linking and dealing with heterogeneous needs. The focus is on reciprocal transitions of students leaving university and graduates of technical colleges for engineering between the technical college and higher education systems.

The working paper Reziproke Durchlässigkeit zwischen Bildungsgängen auf DQR-Niveau 6 is freely available via Open Access.

The project is funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation, Research Focus Education in the World of Work (project number: 2021-392-5).