Completion of the FeDiNAR Project

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Event with a Market of Opportunities and World Café in Aachen


On June 28, 2022, the final event of the FeDiNAR – Fehler didaktisch nutzbar machen mit Augmented Reality – project took place in Aachen. In addition to the IAW, the project involved the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, QualiTec GmbH, oculavis GmbH and the Institute for Man-Machine Interaction at RWTH Aachen University.

The participating value partners as well as representatives of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the DLR project management agency were presented the idea of the project and its project results in research presentations. Project results, such as demonstrators and use cases, were set up and presented at a market of opportunities. The participants could also try these out and experience how it is to learn from errors. 
Afterwards, everyone met again in a world café to discuss the future and potentials of the FeDiNAR project. Thereby many ideas about further use cases, business models and how a FeDiNAR product should look like have been discussed and collected.

How learning from mistakes with the help of augmented reality can be seen in this video. There, one use case of the project, the setup of a CNC lathe, is shown. Please note, the video is only available in German.

The FeDiNAR project (funding code: 01PV18005A) is funded under the Digitale Medien in der beruflichen Bildung – Forschungsprojekte zur Virtuellen und Erweiterten Realität (VR/AR) in der beruflichen Bildung (VRARBB) program and supervised by the DLR project management agency.


Video about setting up a CNC lathe with the FeDiNAR system (Language: German) Video

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