Microtraining in the Cluster of Excellence IoP

  Title slide of the microtraining on HMI and HRC © IAW

IAW Presentation on the Topics of Human-Machine Interface and Human-Robot Collaboration on June 1, 2022


As part of this year's Research Summit of the Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production, in short IoP, IAW held a microtraining session. These one-hour events are designed to convey technical expertise or research results to colleagues in a compact and directly implementable form.

The content of the microtraining was divided into two parts: human-machine interface, in short HMI, and human-robot collaboration, in short HRC, and was followed by a short discussion. First, the basic interaction types were presented and illustrated with examples. The HMI section was concluded by introducing the concepts of usability and user experience, in short UX. The HRC section opened with the question of the benefits of HRC. Among other topics, the aspects of safety and acceptance formed a focus. The concluding discussion and the interesting interposed questions made the microtraining enjoyable and showed interest on the part of the audience.

All participants gave positive feedback. We are of course very pleased about this and hope to have added value.

The project is funded by the DFG – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) in the context of the Excellence Initiative – EXC-2023 Internet of Production (Project number: 390621612).