The Future As It Is Felt


IAW's Participation in the Book “Gefühlte Zukunft” About the Challenges of Others' and One's Own Emotions in Futures Studie


What role do emotions play in the construction, communication and use of images of the future? Are emotions primarily a component that transports prejudices? To what extent are researchers exposed to emotions that influence the choice of methods and the results? In the anthology edited by Katharina Schäfer from the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics, Axel Zweck from the Institute of Sociology and Karlheinz Steinmüller from Z_punkt, the entire breadth of the topic “Futures Studies and Emotionality” is addressed, from philosophical foundations to methodological issues and findings from practice, which demonstrate the close intertwining of cognition and emotion in all phases of foresight processes.

The book is part of the interdisciplinary publication series “Future & Research”, which is published by the research group “Society and Innovation” of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.