Human-Robot Collaboration in the Cluster of Excellence IoP

  Titelfolie des Workshops in charakteristischem Hexagon-Design © IAW

Digital Workshop on Human-Robot Collaboration on July 23, 2021


On July 23, 2021, the IAW, in cooperation with the ITA – Institut für Textiltechnik (Institute of Textile Technology), organized a digital workshop on the topic of human-robot collaboration (HRC) within the cluster Internet of Production (IoP). Experts from various disciplines took part: In short presentations, they first introduced their research fields and then presented concrete use cases with videos and animations. The opportunity to ask questions afterwards was eagerly taken and led to lively discussions. Finally, the plenary discussed the potentials and future of HRC in the production sector. The central question was how human and robotic work can be linked in a meaningful way and how this could be achieved technically. The results will be published and serve as a basis for further research in this field.