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Gesundheitsregion Aachen (Health Region Aachen): Innovative Learning and Working


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01.04.2021 to 31.03.2024
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Sociotechnical Systems and Human-Machine Interfaces

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Martin Frenz

Head of Technical Vocational Education and Training Department


+49 241 80 99480




The project GALA develops specific tools and models in the field of work design and competence management for health economics. Focus of the project are the four key topics human-machine interaction, healthy work, digital collaboration as well as innovations. The results are going to be noted long-term in the “Region Aachen Living Lab Initiative” (RALLI).

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The region of Aachen consists of 46 cities and communities with more than 1.3 million inhabitants living in this catchment area. The slogan on overcoming structural change in this region is “Identifying Strengths, Uniting Activities and Taking Chances”. The healthcare industry is one of six defined leading markets in this region, having a central role within stationary and ambulant treatment as well as the production of medical and medical-technical products. Prerequisites for the expansion of this leading market is to find industry-specific and sustainable solutions for dealing with digitalization and demographic change. Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic it is further necessary to come up with new concepts in the fields of new work and concept management for the (regional) healthcare industry.


The aim of GALA is to develop industry-specific tools and models for work design and competence management which will be then established not only for locally companies in the region of Aachen but across the market. RALLI is designed for reasons of long-term establishment and availability.


Based on analyses of reports and occupational statistics a sector analysis is going to be conducted regionally, deriving concrete measures on topics of work design and competence management. Individualizable toolboxes are developed with the help of modular concepts and methods in the healthcare industry. For specific issues, as for example the recruitment of international professionals, solutions which are then implemented in pilot projects and made available within the scope of RALLI are developed.


In case of a successful project implementation tested solutions for the future of work in the health economy of Aachen act as leitmotif for work design and competence management for companies while initiating a sustainable transformation with regard to learning and working. Here, RALLI shall act as a stabilizing and supporting initiative. Further synergy effects of GALA which go not only beyond the region of Aachen but can also be found internationally are conferences, internationalization of educational products, relieving the burden on the healthcare system or the development and testing of guidelines and qualification modules for an international resource management in the city region of Aachen.


This research and development project is funded by the BMBF – Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) – in the programmes “Innovations for tomorrow's production, services and work” and “Innovation & Structural Change” (funding number: 02L20B100) and is supervised by the PTKA – Projektträger Karlsruhe (Project Management Agency Karlsruhe). The author is responsible for the content of this publication.

Project Partners

Scientific Partners
FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen, Aachen
FOM University, Professur für Arbeits- und Ingenieurpsychologie, Aachen

Partners in Practice
Region Aachen Zweckverband, Aachen
Gesellschaft für Produktionshygiene und Sterilitätssicherung mbH, Aachen
St. Gereon Seniorendienste gGmbH, Hückelhoven
Vostra GmbH, Aachen
Lebenshilfe Aachen GmbH, Aachen
Heinen Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Monschau
Modell Aachen GmbH, Aachen
MedAix GmbH, Aachen

Associated Partners
MedLife e. V., Aachen
digitalHUB Aachen e. V., Aachen
Stadt Aachen, Aachen
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