Industrial Human Resource Management

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Bachelor, Master
Professor Johannes Springer

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The course “Industrial Human Resource Management” introduces the systematic analysis, evaluation and design of all aspects of a company's human resources, such as staffing levels and needs, qualifications, legal conditions of staff deployment or the assessment and management of employees. People are THE critical resource of a company. Corporate values are determined by the quality of human resources. Corporate strategies cannot be implemented without appropriate personnel, and people who qualify for certain jobs are difficult or impossible to find in some professional fields. Systematic human resource management is therefore of strategic importance for the survival of a company.


Students learn the theoretical principles and structure of industrial human resource management. They learn methods and important aspects of the individual areas of human resource management, such as human resource marketing, selection, leadership, assessment, retention, development and release. Students use practical examples to be able to critically assess possible conflicts in human resource management between companies and employees.

Teaching and Learning Method

Interactive lectures with practical examples as a block course. In order to be able to create a basic knowledge base, classical lectures are used. Students’ previous experiences with human resource management are taken up and discussed with reference to the lecture contents which results in an interactive discourse with students’ practical experience. Furthermore, examples and current events in the industry are addressed and real-life issues are worked on with the students. Due to the practice-oriented design of this course, knowledge is imparted in an interactive discourse, which can be mirrored on already experienced professional experiences or transferred to future professional experiences.