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Digital, Interactive, Multimodal, Agile


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01.10.2015 to 30.09.2016
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Susanne Mütze-Niewöhner

Head of Work Organization Department


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The "Homo Zappiens", the "Born digitals" are entering the universities. High-quality teaching requires teaching concepts and materials adapted to the changed learning behavior, which enable mobile, self-directed learning by students, and which support both individual and collaborative learning.

Goals and Methodology

The aim of the project was to meet these requirements through an interactive, multimodal, and agile e-script – using the example of the project management course. Before this project was carried out, students only had the slides presented in the courses (incl. detailed explanations in the notes) to prepare and follow-up. The e-script to be developed should enable self-directed and multimodal learning independent of the student’s location. To do this, there was a modular (in the sense of optionally activatable) implementation of various features based on the L²P add-in StudyCrowd that are new compared to conventional e-books.


In addition to adapting the script and using digital elements to make it more dynamic, the project has also made a demonstrator for the interactive, multimodal and agile e-script available. While some features, such as animated illustrations or asking and answering questions, are available to all students in the shared script, certain features are made available to students individually or in small groups. For example, it will be possible to create individual or group-specific (virtual) learning scripts, which can then be provided with user-specific comments or markings. Content can be sorted or even deleted if necessary (in the sense of a “file card function”) depending on learning preferences and/or progress.

Project Management Agency

RWTH Aachen University – Blended Learning und Exploratory Teaching Space (ETS)

The Blended Learning and Exploratory Teaching Space is an internal RWTH platform that promotes creative ideas for new types of teaching and learning. The focus is on media-supported teaching.