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Innovative Continuing Education With Authoring Systems – Strenghtening Horizontal Mobility in Production Through Learner Tutorials

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01.01.2016 to 31.12.2018
Research Area:
Education, Training and Apprenticeship Concepts for Technical Domains in Craft and Industry

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Martin Frenz

Head of Technical Vocational Education and Training Department


+49 241 80 99480



In production, jobs are often performed by people have not taken part in technical vocational apprenticeships. These include those who are not formally qualified, those in marginal or part-time employment, women, older workers and migrants. In order to qualify this heterogeneous group of employees for jobs in production, the INNOWAS project has developed and tested a concept for in-company training with authoring systems for the area of manual assembly.

The core of the training is the creation of video-based tutorials by the learners. Authoring systems offer employees the opportunity to become co-authors of learning aids by using tablets to create these video-based learner tutorials. The learner tutorials help employees to continuously improve their own work processes and to familiarize themselves with new and complex work processes. This increases both integration and the horizontal mobility of employees within the company. In addition, experience in the use of digital media introduces employees to digitally supported workplaces and processes.

The innowas project, led by the IAW – Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics) – has been carried out together with the Machine Tool Laboratory of RWTH Aachen University. It received the award “Zukunftsort” (Place of the Future) by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in the context of the Year of Science 2018 - Working Worlds of the Future. The project particularly addressed the issues of changing professions, education and qualification as well as the use of opportunities of digitalization.

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