Preparatory Seminar for the School Internship Semester Teaching Automotive Engineering

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Professor Martin Frenz

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The contents of the seminar are as follows …

  • Methods for exploring occupational fields of action, business processes and typical tasks in the vocational field of automotive engineering
  • Development of research questions for exploratory projects, e.g. company-based, in order to understand the occupational fields of action in the vocational field of automotive engineering
  • Regulations of vocational education and training in the vocational field of automotive engineering
  • Analysis of the initial situation for a teaching project at the internship school, particularly from the perspective of the students and teachers in the automotive engineering courses.
  • Conception and planning of a teaching project for automotive engineering
  • Specification of learning areas as learning situations
  • Planning of learning processes in automotive engineering
  • Selection of vocational learning methodologies for the teaching project


The seminar prepares pre-service teachers for the practical requirements of teaching vocational automotive engineering, both academically and practically, in selected fields of action, by focusing on the following competences:

The pre-service teachers...

  • describe occupational fields of action, business processes and typical vocational tasks for the vocational field of automotive engineering and place them in the context of subjects and learning situations
  • develop, implement and reflect on learning situations for the vocational field of automotive engineering
  • are able to apply concepts and theories of general didactics, general didactics of technology and didactics of the vocational field to automotive engineering in a situation-oriented manner in the teaching project
  • are able to relate current discussions on objectives and content in vocational education to educational programs in the occupational field of automotive engineering at vocational schools
  • are able to select strategies for lesson planning in school courses in educational programs in automotive engineering and substantiate them for a lesson project
  • are able to select teaching methodology well-founded for differentiated instruction in automotive engineering

Teaching and Learning Method

The aim of the seminar is to perceive the current challenges of teachers at a vocational school and to analyze these challenges against a theoretical background to be able to work out possible solutions for their future work as teachers.

Pre-service teachers have access to digital learning materials on theory and on challenges to be dealt with at vocational schools. Face-to-face sessions foster a critical discourse in the group about the theoretical approaches and deal with practical challenges to support knowledge and skill acquisition.