Dynamic Enterprise Modeling and Simulation

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Professor Susanne Mütze-Niewöhner, Professor Alexander Mertens, Professor Verena Nitsch

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Team Dynums




The lecture "Dynamic enterprise modeling and simulation" focuses on the modeling and simulation of operational processes and structures. Basic design fields, cause-effect relationships and feedback effects within business and work systems are considered and, based on this, various modeling methods and simulation tools for different application areas are presented. These include e.g.: Modeling of structured as well as weakly structured work processes with UML and K3, static and dynamic modeling with the design structure matrix, modeling and simulation of product development projects, material flows and queuing systems, and Petri net-based modeling and simulation. The lecture is rounded off by a teaching unit on relevant aspects of data literacy in an enterprise context.


The students receive an overview of various methods, techniques and tools for modeling and simulation, which they can fall back on in the context of their later professional activity when solving operational problems. Due to the practical application, students are able to independently create simple process and simulation models and investigate their behavior after attending the course. The specific learning objectives are addressed in the individual teaching units.

Teaching and Learning Method

The theoretical basics are taught in the lecture. The exercises serve to broaden the understanding. In particular, the application of the presented methods and procedures will be practiced. Various software tools are also used. A case study on material flow simulation accompanying the lecture also offers the opportunity to practice the use of simulation software on a reality-based case.