Book Publication: Project and Team Work in the Digitalized Working World


At the turn of the year, the anthology “Projekt- und Teamarbeit in der digitalisierten Arbeitswelt” (Project and Teamwork in the Digitized Working World) was published, which bundles the results of the projects of the focus group of the same name in the funding priority “Arbeit in der digitalisierten Welt” (Work in the Digitized World). Both the focus group and the publication were coordinated by the IAW as part of the project "TransWork – Transformation of Work through Digitalization" (funding code: 02L15A162).

The ten contributions take an analytical look at the operational conditions under which project and team work takes place today. Challenges are identified and recommendations are made for the design, organization and management of modern forms of project and team work. The book was published as an open access publication by Springer-Verlag.