Qualification Research in Technical Domains

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Qualification research can assess various levels of vocational didactics and can correspond with different intentions and emphases. The aim of scope of the TVET Department are subjective and objective vocational requirements of skilled work. In the context of qualification research, surveys investigate and structure requirements in order to draw conclusions for TVET itself.

On the curricular level, this also includes the description of occupational fields of action and learning arenas as well as learning situations. At the methodological level, the focus is on designing situated or work-based learning processes.


Typical reasons to conduct studies include at least occupation-specific changes in work processes, changes in work organization, qualification requirements or the restructuring of apprenticeship and training regulations. The resulting knowledge and skills always refer to the performed work or business processes within vocations of skilled work instead of abstract or academic descriptions. Methods of ergonomics, work psychology and vocational education science, e.g. work process analysis or expert interviews support this research best.