Science Year 2018 – Working Worlds of the Future

  Stress analysis of work activities capable of real time with the ErgoCAM © IAW

IAW Among Winning Teams in University Competition for the "Year of Science 2018 – Working Worlds of the Future"


With its ErgoCAM, the IAW – Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics) – is among the winning teams in the university competition for the “Science Year 2018 – Working Worlds of the Future” award. With this award, young scientists receive 10,000 euros for the realization of their idea.

ErgoCAM is used for business operations and was developed at the IAW at RWTH Aachen University in the Ergonomics and Human-Machine Systems Department under the direction of Dr. Christopher Brandl. ErgoCAM assists staff with expertise to design healthy and productive work routines with the help of sensor-based analysis of human movements and activities in real time. The preliminary work for ErgoCAM was performed in the BMBF project “ENgAge4Pro” (funding code 16SV6143). The development work was carried out in an interdisciplinary team with the participation of Dr. Christopher Brandl, Tobias Hellig, Laura Johnen, Oliver Brunner, Daniel Ast, David Dohlen and Dr. Alexander Mertens.

ErgoCAM’s development is ongoing as part of the university competition in combination with a didactic-methodical communication concept for knowledge transfer aiming at interactively conveying knowledge of work science.  For this purpose, the participants act interactively with ErgoCAM in order to independently perform the task of ergonomic work design. The necessary subtasks – from ergonomic analysis to the derivation and implementation of measures and the verification of their effectiveness – are carried out on the basis of familiar activities from the domestic environment (e.g. ironing).