Reciprocal Permeability Between Vocational and Academic Education and Training


New Demands on the Vocational School and Higher Education System

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The IAW published the research results of the project DuBA, permeability between vocational and academic education at DQR level 6, together with the research partner Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg in a monograph at the End of the project. The book is available to readers for download via openacess.

The research work of the project analysed the current situation of technical colleges. Particular attention was paid to the permeability to and from higher education systems. With the aim of creating a basis for educational policy discussions, a concept for the further development of the technical college as an educational pathway at level 6 of the German Qualifications Framework, or DQR for short, was presented. The authors endeavour to provide impetus for the recognition of the equivalence of vocational and academic education and at the same time contribute to overcoming the shortage of technically skilled specialists and managers.