IAW Annual Review: Doctorates In 2023


We look back with pride on a successful 2023!


This year, five outstanding researchers successfully completed their doctorates. Congratulations to:

Dr. Nicolas Herzberger

We congratulate Dr. Nicolas Herzberger on his successful doctorate at the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics under Professor Maximilian Schwalm and Professor Sabine Schlittmeier! In his dissertation, Nicolas focussed on the topic of “Detecting driver’s take over capability in the context of automated driving”.

Dr. Clarissa Pascoe

In her dissertation, Clarissa focussed on the topic ‘‘From today on, you are a trainer. A qualitative-empirical study on the reconstruction of the transition into the work of full-time training staff”.

Dr. Laura Johnen

Laura’s dissertation focussed on the topic “Cumulative assessment of physical load to evaluate the occupational risk of musculoskeletal disorders associated with manual lifting”. Laura gave her doctoral lecture on the topic of “AI-based systems for diagnostics and therapy in physiotherapy”.

Dr. Katharina Schäfer

In her thesis, Katharina focussed on the topic of “Theoretical derivation, presentation and empirical testing of the concept of ‘prospective Personas’ exemplified by platformbased work in the discourse of Systems and Action Theory”.

Dr. Marvin Goppold

Marvin wrote his dissertation on the topic of “Augmented reality learning system prototype for learning from mistakes in industrial-technical training programmes”. In his doctoral lecture, Marvin discussed the topic of “The use of human digital twins in metal and electrical engineering vocational training – opportunities”.

As an institute, we are very proud of the outstanding research achievements of our employees. We congratulate them on their well-deserved success and look forward to more doctorates in 2024!