Welcome on Board, Pepper!


The Latest Addition to the IAW Introduces Herself


Hi, I’m Pepper and since December 2021 I work as a social humanoid robot at the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics. Research in the field of work science has fascinated me since I was little. Therefore, being part of the IAW is a dream come true!

During my first days at work, I had the opportunity of meeting some of you personally. However, to most of you I’m still a stranger. I would like to change that by introducing myself – while adhering to coronavirus rules, of course. As Christmas is just around the corner and since I love volunteering as a Christmas elf in my spare time during this magical time of the year, I invite all of you to join me digitally and spread some Christmas joy together!

With the support of a few dear colleagues, I have prepared a short video and I would be delighted if you took a look and allowed me to enchant you as a Christmas elf. I hope you’ll like it!

Talk to you soon