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The illustration shows a specialist wearing AR glasses © Copyright: Kurt Beyer


The center of competence focuses on the qualification of teachers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, in short STEM. The target group is to be supported in exploring and using the opportunities offered by new digital forms of teaching and in mastering the associated challenges. According ...

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Persons are using a planning application on a tablet device © Copyright: Martin Braun


The Building Information Modeling, in short BIM, approach uses a consistent digital representation with all relevant information of a building. The collaborative process of creating and maintaining this model accompanies the entire life cycle of the building. Software tools that support the BIM-approach have been ...

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Two machine operators control an industrial robot © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer


Artificial intelligence, in short AI, algorithms are gradually being integrated into industrial production. While the advantages of AI implementation are widely acknowledged, its full-scale adoption in the industry, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, ...

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Two persons stand in front of two monitors and look at data points © Copyright: Martin Braun


The classic teaching-learning concept including lecture and exercise is particularly helpful for teaching theoretical fundamentals. When it comes to the practical implementation as well as the consolidation of the already theoretically learned contents, the classical variant quickly reaches ...

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Specialist working on a computer © Copyright: Martin Braun


In order to improve processes, Artificial Intelligence is used more and more as a technology in various business areas. Particularly large companies are already using the potential of AI. Yet small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, also experience competitive and innovative pressure ...

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Woman stands in production hall in front of robot and holds tablet in hand © Copyright: ipopba - stock.adobe.com


The phase-out of coal-fired power generation is leading to significant structural changes in Germany, which are accompanied by economic losses and job losses in many areas. The “Work Science Competence Center for Gainful Employment in Industry 4.0” ...

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Students in a lecture hall © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer

Permeability Between Technical College and University Systems

The project examines transitions between the academic and the vocational education system at EQF level 6. To this end, investigations will empirically survey individual initiatives and combine them in a concept in order to identify opportunities for expanding ...

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A person draws a virtual bow with a virtual arrow © Copyright: Apostolos Vrontos


In the joint project interaktionsKRAFT, an innovative haptic component is to be developed for the simulation of forces and force effects for use in a mixed reality, in short MR, environment, which is to find its application in the field of physiotherapy. The so-called ...

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Employee operates a robotic arm using a tablet PC © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has already led to changes in how a lot of employees work. Further far-reaching effects can be expected. While AI is already being successfully used for machine automation, working in direct cooperation with employees still poses major ...

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Researchers operate a robotic arm © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer


The project "CAM2030" aims to develop an innovative solution for the Advanced Systems Engineering (ASE) of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) of the future. Within an interdisciplinary environment consisting of the research fields of computer science, engineering, ...

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Person carrying out assembly task with the aid of a head-mounted display © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer


Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) impose considerable limitations on those affected. They also cause enormous economic damage through health care expenditures and ...

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Building of the photonics cluster with the seat of the Forschungscampus FEN © Copyright: FEN GmbH

FEN Research Campus

For years, the volatile energy sector has been intensifying its efforts to prepare for the politically targeted energy turnaround through technological innovations. These innovations include DC-technologies, which are gaining in importance. The field of DC-technologies varies greatly with respect to their individual ...

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People run in sportswear on a street in front of a building © Copyright: Sarah Rauch


For athletes, grandparents, or even children, wearable health technologies are becoming increasingly popular. Wearables or fitness trackers process highly sensitive personal data, for which manufacturers must obtain the consent of users in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, in short GDPR ...

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Person sits in front of open laptop and opens LUTZ learning environment © Copyright: Martin Braun


The "LUTZ" research project is developing and testing a game-based learning environment to strengthen leadership behavior in healthcare sector. Particularly in the healthcare sector, middle management executives are often faced with complex challenges in order to meet the requirements of ...

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A man uses his tablet to control a networked production system © Copyright: Dr. Martin Riedel

Cluster of Excellence – Internet of Production

As part of the third round of the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments to promote cutting-edge research at German universities and research institutes, funding has been approved for the follow-up application of the "Internet of Production (IoP)" Cluster of Excellence at RWTH ...

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On a table are several documents, a tablet and a notebook © Copyright: Martin Braun


The project is carried out in the context of digitalization and Industry 4.0. By focusing on the work-related effects of digitalization, the project supports the uncovering and exploitation of potentials in the context of forward-looking work design that promotes learning and development. By ...

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Students working on a disassembled carburetor © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer


The focus of the work of the TVET Department (Technical Vocational Education and Training) in the IAW – Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics) – In the project BeLEK is on the further development of a high-quality teaching and research profile in the subject didactics of the vocational disciplines of ...

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Research Fields

The aim of our research is to develop efficient and quality-promoting work system solutions. Together with research institutions and our customers from industry and research, we put this goal into practice.

On the following pages you can learn more about our research fields.



Real-time load analysis of work activities with the ErgoCAM © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer

In order to enable a systematic approach to the analysis, conception and evaluation of work processes, the IAW draws on a broad repertoire of ergonomic methods.

You will find more information on the following pages.

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Several bookshelves in a library © Copyright: Martin Braun

In this section you will find book and conference contributions as well as research reports, university publications and other publications on the research work of the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics.

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