Tool for Self-Assessment and Assessment of Team Spirit by Others (TSFE)



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A project work is scheduled for all students in the 6th semester of the bachelor’s degree programs in Mechanical Engineering (MB) and Computational Engineering Science (CES). This project work is done in groups of two (MB) or three (CES) up to five persons. The paper is graded using one of the following grading options:

  • Grading scheme A:
    The project paper is graded individually for each student within a processing group; separate written papers are to be prepared according to the sub-projects.
  • Grading scheme B:
    The project paper is graded for each student within a processing group supported by external assessment and self-assessment. The supervisor assigns a grade for the entire group. Deviations from this grade are possible based on the application of the instrument for external assessment and self-assessment of the individual group members. This scheme can also be selected for a group size of two students.

The online tool is used for the assessment procedure B (self-assessment and external assessment). Scientific supervisors can request a login by means of an informal e-mail. Please refer to the contact box on this page for the corresponding contact information of the IAW contact person. With a login, a project group can be registered, the members can be entered, and the self-assessment and external assessment can be performed. A general short information about the TSFE can be found in the download box.

Formally, all project work is handled by a project work entry form, which can be downloaded from the pages of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering or also at the bottom of this page.

Research assistants who would like to supervise project work should reach out to the IAW contact person who will be happy to provide you with further information.