Didactics of Supply Engineering: Study Project on Supply Engineering

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Professor Martin Frenz

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This study project looks into the main requirements for gainful employment by carrying out explorations in selected companies under subject-specific didactic perspectives. The collected occupational work processes will be analyzed under the aspects of the formability of work, technology, and education. The knowledge gained will be interpreted in relation to the tasks a teacher of supply engineering at a vocational school will have in the future. Here, particular attention is paid to difference between academic knowledge and the work requirements of skilled employees. The knowledge skilled employees have of work processes is of the highest relevance for the didactic considerations of future teachers.


The aim of the course is to make aspects of gainful employment tangible through real encounters in the company and to survey and evaluate them using scientific methods. Particular focus is placed on reflecting on work processes in relation to later activities as a teacher at a vocational school.

Teaching and Learning Method

The aim of the seminar is to perceive the current challenges of teachers at a vocational school and to analyze these challenges against a theoretical background to be able to work out possible solutions for their future work as teachers. Pre-service teachers have access to digital learning materials on theory and on challenges to be dealt with at vocational schools. Face-to-face sessions foster a critical discourse in the group about the theoretical approaches and deal with practical challenges to support knowledge and skill acquisition.

The examination consists of a presentation based on a written paper and is an integral part of the seminar. Pre-service teachers present their results on the opportunity to deal with a problem in depth and to engage in critical-constructive discourse with their fellow pre-service teachers.