Participatory Design and Testing of Innovative Forms of Work Organization

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Technological innovations, new business models, transforming social and legal conditions – there are many external or internal factors that necessitate reflecting on and further developing existing work organizations. We not only analyze the initial situation, but are also committed to developing new, innovative forms of work organization as part of our potential consulting services. Here, we also take the interests of employers just as seriously as those of employees and their representatives. In collaborative research projects, we develop organizational approaches and concepts with model character, which are tested in the field or evaluated virtually, depending on the proximity of application. In addition to efficiency, criteria of effectiveness, flexibility and, of course, human criteria, such as motivation and satisfaction, health and the promotion of learning, are relevant to us in the design and evaluation process. During the planning process, we involve those affected and take into account not only the process and organizational structure, but also other design fields with which there are usually interactions (e.g. occupational health and safety, qualification and training processes, technological support).