Work Scientific Support of Change and Transformation Processes

  Employee operates device for robot control Copyright: © Mario Irrmischer  

Companies and their employees are confronted with new challenges at ever shorter intervals, the mastering of which requires permanent change. Digitalization and automation, globalization and networking as well as individualization and flexibilization are currently among the strongest drivers of change processes with varying scope up to complete transformations. As part of our research, we support companies in small and large-scale projects aimed at overcoming operational challenges with holistic and sustainable strategies and solutions. Especially when applying new digital technologies, assistance systems or artificial intelligence, we focus on the people involved and the organization: we support the transformation processes by enabling participation and analyzing and evaluating planning and design results from a work science perspective. In addition to researching organizational effects and conditions, key objectives are to identify good practices for sustainable and human-centered change processes and to develop methods and tools for effectively mastering, managing or reducing complexity.