2nd DenkfabrEthik on the Topic: Digitalization in the Healthcare Sector


Event for the Ethical, Social, and Societal Discourse of Digitalization

  Metaplan wall on the opportunities and risks of digitization © IAW

This year, the Aachen DenkfabrEthik took place simultaneously with the “Aachen 2025” event. With more than 10,000 visitors, “Aachen 2025” was the largest event on the digital future ever held in Aachen. During one weekend, interested people had the chance to experience digitalization in various areas of daily life.

The DenkfabrEthik organizers used this opportunity to actively ask participating citizens what opportunities and risks they personally associate with a digitization of healthcare. 

Other highlights of DenkfabrEthik were the presentation of the age simulation suit, the glasses for simulating age-related eye diseases, and the so-called tremor gloves. These three systems are tools that allow younger people to experience the effects of aging. Especially after and during the use of these tools, a change of perspective regarding the evaluation of digital systems could be observed.

At this point, DenkfabrEthik would like to thank Ms. Leandra Kubiak from the newspaper publisher Aachener Nachrichten for having taken on the age simulation as part of her reporting on the event. She describes her impressions and experiences impressively in the following article of the Aachener Nachrichten.

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