IAW Goes Digital 2.0

  IAW employees after the Lousberglauf © IAW

Sporting Performance This Year


At 7pm on July 9, four athletic IAW employees joined 2,000 other enthusiastic runners to tackle the challenging 5.555 kilometers course of the Lousberglauf. This is how we hoped the report of this year's participation of IAW at Lousberglauf would be...

...but despite all our hopes last year, we had to renounce the great atmosphere and numerous other athletes again, because the Lousberglauf and thus the IAW ran digitally this year as well. Of course, we did not let that stop us from conquering the 5,555 meters, powered by our blue IAW shirts. 

In addition, our institute can look back on many other sporting achievements this summer. With the kick-off of the EURO2020, we also did not miss the chance to place our bets. Certainly not only because the new IAW challenge cup was announced, the victory was hard-fought until the very end. In the end, Verena Nitsch came out on top with 91 points, just ahead of Sebastian Pütz (90 points) and Oliver Brunner (83 points), and was thus immortalized as the first winner on the IAW challenge cup.

However, that was not all! Without much of a break for recovery, IAW dedicated itself to participating in the team challenge “Jeder Meter zählt – every meter counts”. As part of the campaign organized by RWTH Aachen University's health management, several teams came together to collect numerous steps and kilometres. Of course, even the weather in Aachen could not stop us, so we covered a total of 1621.3 kilometers together!

We are happy about the numerous sporting achievements this year and hope that we will be able to continue this next year and then again in the very big round!