GALA Project Launch


Interdisciplinary Team of IAW Starts Project Work


Since April 2021, the IAW with its departments of Ergonomics and Human-Machine Systems and Technical Vocational Education and Training has been represented as a research partner in the joint project GALA. The project, which is funded by the BMBF, originated in the Innovation & Structural Change program family and is part of the funding measure REGION.innovativ – Arbeitswelten der Zukunft in strukturschwachen Regionen.
In the project, scientific partners work together with special-purpose associations and SMEs from the region to develop, systematize and test models and tools for work design and competence management. The project relates to the healthcare sector in the Aachen region and contributes to successfully meeting current and long-term societal challenges, such as demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, especially in the healthcare industry. Structural change is countered by focusing on the region's strengths by specifically strengthening and supporting one of the region's leading markets.
With regard to the entire project, the IAW, together with other research partners, accompanies the consortium with scientific and technical expertise.
In doing so, the institute’s interdisciplinary team, consisting of Professor Martin Frenz, Dr. Christopher Brandl, Katharina Körber and Katharina Schäfer, focuses on the areas of human-machine interaction, work design and work organization as well as on the areas of qualification research and vocational education and training.

This research and development project is funded by the BMBF – Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) through the programs “Innovationen für die Produktion, Dienstleistung und Arbeit von morgen” (Innovations for the Production, Service and Work of Tomorrow) and “Innovation & Strukturwandel” (Innovation & Structural Change) (funding code: 02L20B100) and supervised by the PTKA – Projektträger Karlsruhe (Project Management Agency Karlsruhe). The author is responsible for the content of this publication.